Velec Robot Loader

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Ρομποτικές Λύσεις

H Velec προσφέρει όλους τους τύπους ρομποτικών λύσεων (γερανογέφυρα, πολυαρθρικό σύστημα, delta), είτε σε ασφαλή περιφραγμένη περιοχή για μέγιστη ταχύτητα και απόδοση, είτε σε συνεργατική λειτουργία (ελεγχόμενη περιοχή με μειωμένη ταχύτητα όταν πλησιάζουν οι χειριστές), είτε σε συνεργατική λειτουργία με χαμηλότερη ταχύτητα (<250mm/s). Επίσης διατίθενται όλοι οι οι τύποι φινιρίσματος: εποξειδική βαφή, ανοξείδωτος χάλυβας ή λύσεις υγιεινής σχεδίασης IP69K.

Τεχνικά χαρακτηριστικά


VELEC Systems suggest an innovating and adequate solution to pack your products unitarily or in batches into a thermoformer.

Thus the complete production line is constituted of a shark elevator with its hopper, a VELEC to display your products, an accelerating conveyer, a V conveyor, a robot with a pick and place application so as to feed your thermoformer with products at the required pace.

Highly hygienic design

Preserving the products is promordial for our customers and us, by avoiding products damaging and ensuring 0 product breakage considerable financial savings. A no hollow tubing frame avoids products accumulation and retention area. Our Velec Thermoformer loader is designed in a way to manipulate your products gently, be at a human level for easy access, supervision and cleaning. Our equipments are 100% stainless steel IP69K (motors, gear, sensors, robot, venturi) and have low roughness surface thanks to glass bead finsihing (ra : 6.4)  

Adaptable & Flexible

According to the texture, shape, weight, lentgh, each product requires a specific handling solution. To answer our customers needs, we use several grippers technics to handle the products :
  • Vaccum
  • Mecanic
  • Needle
To maximize your production and keep it simple, our teams make all our solutions easy to use :
  • Quick setting
  • No need tools
  • Adaptable to unlimited recipe
  • Easy change over

Easy cleaning

Simple to use and maintain, inutitive to use and operatewith smooth and nice product handling.

Cleaning System

To simplify the venturi cleaning and ensure a perfect cleaning of the equipments, a pneumatical cabinet with air treatment unit is installed directly on the robotic cell. An automatic cleaning cycle fully configurable allows a cleaning in the smallest details.

Always in order to facilitate the cleaning and save time, food grade belts are easily dismontable without tools.

Grippers cleaning table (optional)

Being in constant contact with naked products grippers requires a perfect cleaniness.

Velec Systems offers as an option grippers cleaning tables, these are designed in a way to facilitate the grippers and pneumatic pipes maintenance and save time for the operators in the same time.

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